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The Beginning - Norman Starting Work.

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Norman Starting Work.

I started work as a Radio and TV Apprentice I spent many years in college, the first set of exams I achieved was the City and Guilds '48' course. This course was prior to the exam being split for a Bench Engineer or Field Engineer. I spent many years employed by Broadmead Radio, which became Civic Radio. Unfortunately they ceased trading in about 1965. I then worked for Ideal Radio for about eighteen months. After that I worked at Stanwood Radio until just before they were unfortunately taken over by Rumbelows.

The Met - Norman At The Met.

In 1976 I joined the Met (Metropolitan Police Force) as a Radio Technician and was promoted through Radio Tech, TTO3, TTO2 and after the renaming of the grades became a CEO (Communications and Electronics Officer) which than became known as Grade 10. I also went back to college to get more qualifications, this time in Communications Radio, Computer Technology and Radio & Line. The job was extremely satisfying although I cannot go into much detail it involved CCTV surveillance and working very closely with the operation and development of the fleet of ANPR vans. I was also very deeply involved with the radio system and it's development. As a "unit" we worked closely alongside the Police with other matters. After the out-sourcing of the radio network to ntl most of the more mundane radio work was carried out by ntl.

I have posted my qualifications, work experience and other interests on separate pages, click the links to visit these pages.


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